Pre-Order ETA

Our Get Job ETA endpoint allows you to get an estimated time of arrival to the pick-up address for a given order. This feature is intended to determine whether Stuart will be able to fulfil your delivery promise and customer expectations when you place your order.

Implementation Tips 

  • You can use this endpoint with the exact same request body as the Create a Job endpoint. Note that only the pick-up address and package size or transport type are required in order to request this ETA, allowing you to query this information even if you do not yet have complete order details. 
  • This service is designed to be used for instant orders or scheduled orders up to 15 minutes into the future.

Example Usage 

If the Pre-Order ETA is above a reasonable length of time for your delivery offering, you may want to reduce or stop sending orders to the Stuart API to avoid disappointment. Similarly this information could be used to choose between different delivery providers based on which will best fit your needs. 

In the below image you can see how this Pre-Order ETA could be used to enable your Operator to choose the best delivery provider to suit their delivery promise through a User Interface.