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We integrate your e-commerce with brick-and-mortar shopping

In today’s competitive retail world ship-from-store has become a vital component of a successful omnichannel strategy. With increasing maturity, consumer's expectations evolve and where online players lead, others must follow: the race for faster delivery is on. Shoppers want it all — speed, convenience, quality, and good prices. Guess what? Stuart is here to help.

Expose your in-store inventory to a larger online market

Thanks to Stuart's e-commerce API you can now transform your stores into an urban warehouse network to offer high-speed deliveries to all your customers - from one-hour delivery windows to same-day delivery scheduled within a 30 minute time-slot.

Grow additional revenue in parallel with your physical sales

Digital savvy consumers say their online purchasing decisions are directly influenced by delivery options at check out and the overall delivery experience. We believe that players that get delivery right will increase their sales - and grow customer loyalty.

Minimize delivery
and fullfilment costs

Inventory held in store enables improved fulfilment and delivery lead times. Stuart will help you minimize last-mile costs - which generally account for more than 20% of overall transport - and diminish your environmental footprint in urban areas.

Stay in control at all times

Let us customise your delivery experience by taking operational specificities and customer's expectations into account:
  • Choose eligible stores for last-mile delivery among your network

  • Define parcel pick-up radius & dropoff limits

  • Prioritise or exclude selected transport types

Delivery that matches your clients' needs

Control your entire customer journey and keep in touch with your end-customer at all times thanks to:

  • Real-time courier tracking
  • Delivery estimated time of arrival
  • Advanced notifications at every step of the delivery -
    from pick up to completion

We have the right
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Our API for Integrators

Add on-demand delivery to your checkout:
  • Customise your selection of available delivery options, from same-day to next-day
  • Offer ultra precise delivery time slots 
  • Automatic dispatch to most adequate courier following availability and package size
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Create your business account in no time, and start delivering today:
  • Select your pick up & drop off address
  • Select package size
  • Review pricing & launch the job
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Our mobile app

Trigger deliveries in no time, no IT integration needed
  • Select your pick up & drop off address
  • Select package size
  • Review your quote & launch the job

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