Summary Privacy Notice

Last update: 20 May 2020

Ensuring that your personal data is kept secure and confidential is our top priority. That’s why you’ll find an easy-to-understand summary of the essential points of our privacy notice below. 

Further information on how we process your personal data can be found here

Types of data we collect

  • Your name and identification data
  • Contact and delivery details
  • Financial information
  • Data on how you use the Stuart website and platform

Tell me why

How we use your data

  • To provide you with our services
  • To improve our website and services
  • To keep Stuart running
  • To give you personalised customer support
  • To send you marketing messages (only if you agree)

When and how we use your data

For the purposes of this notice, we use data from people browsing our website, application users and couriers.

Data you provide Data we collect When
x You browse our website
x x You contact us
x x You use the Stuart platform
x You receive emails from us
x x You make or receive a delivery
x You pay for services
x x You chat with our customer support
x You opt-in to marketing

How exactly?


  • We use cookies to run and improve our services and for advertising purposes
  • Our third-party service providers use cookies too, which they control
  • You can turn off cookies, but this will mean that certain functionality on the website may not work

How can I choose?

Your rights

You have the right to:

  • Access information we hold about you
  • Correct inaccurate information
  • Limit the way that we use your personal data
  • Object to us using your data in certain ways
  • Port your data to another service
  • Be forgotten by Stuart
  • Complain about us

Note that according to the General Data Protection Regulation, some of these rights only apply in limited circumstances.

How can I exercise these?

Our Details

If you have any concerns about how we at Stuart protect your data, please email us at

This notice describes how STUART DELIVERY LTD (‘Stuart’) uses your data. Our address is:

MHA MacIntyre Hudson, 
New Bridge Street House, 
30-34 New Bridge Street, 
London EC4V 6BJ
United Kingdom

And our Data Protection Officer is: 

Madame la Déléguée à la Protection des Données du Groupe La Poste,
CP C703 – 9, Rue du Colonel Pierre Avia,
75015 Paris, 

Read the full policy here