Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) at Stuart

Our mission is to deliver strength through diversity and unity through community. We are committed to building a culture where difference is valued and everyone can be themselves at work. We believe that diverse points of view foster creativity and innovation and we embrace people who look at the world from different perspectives.

Why DEI matters to us

We want Stuart to be a safe and welcoming environment for every person who joins our team regardless of their gender, race, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation or disability. We’re creating a workplace where employees not only feel that their differences are respected, but also celebrated. With our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) program, we intend for each Stuwie to be comfortable in their own skin, recognised as a unique individual and secure that they belong in our community.

When every team member is empowered to contribute, great things happen. In line with our foundational values, we aim to ensure employees have a safe space at work to be the best version of themselves: to engage in the learning process, ask questions and give feedback, use their skills and knowledge to develop solutions, speak up and challenge the status quo. As individuals, teams and a company, DEI is a critical part of how we grow together.

Stuart's DEI Initiatives

Raising Awareness

Stuart’s Global Inclusion Calendar brings together a range of initiatives to learn, discuss and celebrate our diverse backgrounds and global social causes. Check out some of our recent highlights!

Women in tech
Illustration of women in tech
LGBTQ+ Pride
Illustration of LGBTQ+ Pride
Black History Month
Illustration of Black History Month
Illustration of neurodiversity
Women's History
Illustration of women's history

Affinity Groups at Stuart

Women at Stuart icon
Women at Stuart

We encourage women to share experiences, organise social activities and discuss topics and events related to women's issues and professional life.

Blue planet icon
Blue Planet

For employees to exchange and suggest green ideas, news, tips and anything related to contributing towards Stuart’s (and the world’s) sustainability goals.

Healthy mind icon
Healthy Mind

To bring mental health awareness into the work environment by sharing articles, advice, educational resources, support, experiences and challenges.

Kids/Parents icon
Kids / Parents

A safe space where moms/dads/parents can share anything related to having a family and raising children—experiences, pictures, advice, accomplishments, funny memes—anything that helps them unwind.

Rainbow coalition icon
Rainbow Coalition

Where LGBTQIA+ employees come together and share experiences, offer support, organise events inside and outside Stuart, as well as discuss and put forward actions and ideas for change within the company.

Spain committee image


Spanish DEI Committee

From its beginnings, the Spanish DEI Committee developed an election system to build gender parity into the foundation of their representation. With nine members, the committee now has four teams: Legal, Awareness, Administration and Treasury. Recent key initiatives include locating a fully accessible space for our new Madrid offices, generating a gender pay gap report and working on an Equality Plan, Harassment Protocol, Speak-Up System and Digital Disconnection Policy.

France committee image


French DEI committee

The France DEI Committee is made up of eight members organised into a Projects Team and an Engagement Team. Recent key initiatives include establishing the committee membership, introducing the teams to Stuart France and surveying employees to gauge their interests and priorities for the group to tackle.

UK Committee image
Spain committee image
France committee image
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% of women hired in 2021 vs 2020 0
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Our DEI Policies

Global 🌍 

Anti-discrimination Policy

Our anti-discrimination policy explains how we prevent discrimination and protect our employees, customers and stakeholders from offensive and harmful behaviours. This policy supports our overall commitment to create a safe and happy workplace for everyone.

Equal Opportunities Policy

Our equal opportunity employer policy reflects our commitment to ensure equality and promote diversity in the workplace.

DEI Trainings & Workshops 🎓

Inclusive Recruitment Workshop
Cultivating diversity and inclusion for managers training
Implicit Bias Handbook

Access it 👉 here.

Mental Health Guide for Managers

Access it 👉 here

DEI training for leadership 🔜

Employee Testimonials

Here is what our employees have to say about DEI at Stuart
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"Stuart trained me on unconscious bias and writing better non-gendered job offers. I really appreciate working for a company that values diversity in its workforce and takes concrete actions to promote it" Marine Hermenault, Operations Project Executive 🇫🇷
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"I am grateful and honoured to work for a company that takes diversity, equity and inclusion seriously - one that listens to and truly cares for employees whilst also empowering us to be the change we wish to see in the world" Mia Scott, Global Social Impact Specialist 🌍
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"I’m incredibly proud to be part of a company like Stuart that has topics like DEI at the forefront of employee care and investment. Stuart and the DEI Committee are providing a space for important conversations in a safe and open manner which only encourages further diversity and multiculturalism of Stuart teams which is ultimately what makes us so special" Lucy Nithavrianakis, Operations Executive 🇬🇧
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"Stuart trained me on unconscious bias and writing better non-gendered job offers. I really appreciate working for a company that values diversity in its workforce and takes concrete actions to promote it" Marine Hermenault, Operations Project Executive 🇫🇷

Looking to join a DEI-focused team?

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