Stuart's Partnership Program—Let's Drive Success Together

Take your business to new heights by integrating Stuart's seamless last-mile delivery solutions to drive operational efficiency and customer satisfaction for your clients.

Why Should You Partner With Stuart?

  • Expand your customer reach by offering your product to our customer base
  • Generate more business through lead and opportunity sharing
  • Gain new revenue stream via our revenue share program
  • Access to Stuart ecosystem of 20+ clients and 200+ major corporate brands

Find the Right Partnership Program for Your Business

Integrations partner

Join over 75 tech partners by integrating your product using our API and simplifying access for your customers.

Referral partnerships

Spread the word about Stuart and get financially rewarded for every lead and delivery you bring

Reseller partnerships

Offer Stuart's delivery solutions to your customers to scale their business and power deliveries from their restaurant, kitchen, or store in just a few clicks.

Become a Stuart Partner Easily

Becoming a partner has never been simpler. We have a team of dedicated partnership managers who will guide you through each step.


- Meet our partnerships team to determine the best way to collaborate

- Sign our partnership contract


- Meet with our Customer Solution Engineering team 

- Develop the integration with close support from Stuart


- Set up partnership processes

- Run sales training

- Launch our integration!


- Set up regular meetings to share updates on opportunities and results to date

- Kick off co-marketing and go-to-market initiatives

Ready to apply?

Reach out to us to learn more about our program and to get started today.