Order Flow

A well-designed order flow reduces the chances of delivery delays or other disappointments by ensuring appropriate scheduling, timely package preparation, and smooth handover. Here are our key tips for an optimal order flow:

Validate availabillity - Use our validation endpoint to validate availability early on in your customer ordering flow. We highly recommend taking this step to avoid the disappointment of a rejected order at checkout. 

Schedule your delivery - Provide 'pickup_at' time when you create a job to allow us more time to optimise routes, courier assignment, and ETA predictions. 

Consider preparation time - Account for preperation time when scheduling your delivery to ensure your package is prepared for handover when the courier arrives. This is essential to avoid delivery delays. 

Depending on the contents of your package, it may also be necessary to prepare the package as close as possible to the pick-up time, for example, to ensure food remains fresh. 

Using the hot food order example, here’s how to account for preparation time in your order flow: