Scheduled offering

Scheduled deliveries is the offering of urgent and non-urgent ship-from-store deliveries which are based on delivery slots, as opposed to instant pickup time. This offer allows us to create potentially larger stacked routes for orders which have larger delivery time window promises.

Convince & Cost - Delivery services ws founded on the idea of convience & Stuart believes that scheduled deliveries will provide offer this to all parties involved; our couriers will be able to stack more packages and we can optimse the best route maximising their earnings, our clients would be able to have more afforable and attractive prices to offer their customer's & end customers would ultimately be able to choose a slot at their own conveince and know exactly their delivery window, reducing long waiting at the window times. 

Diversify your offering - Scheduling a job with Stuart has never been easier, when using our 'job creation' endpoint, you can state "offering_type" as "scheduled" in the dropoff key & provide the "end_customer_time_window_start" & "end_customer_time_window_end"& we would handle the rest. This is also available on our dashboard by using the "schedule a dropoff" option.

Scheduled slots - We allow flexibility in the delivery windows you would like to use and display to your customers. If you already have pre-exisittng slots you can simply use our ECTWs. However, if you would like us to setup slots for you please inform your account manager or CSE PoC & we can setup your slots in our backend. You can then retrieve these slots using our 'get delivery slots' endpoint which will then show your availble slots and a slot ID number. You can then use this slot_id in your 'job creation" endpoint to assign your delivery to a specific slot of your choosing. You can also use our delivery slots to display in your frontend so your customer can choose the slots on your behalf. 

Scheduled Flow