Each job request you make with Stuart will require a pick-up and drop-off address. The string address is always required but we advise to also provide coordinates for increased accuracy.

String Address – For example, "1 Baker Street, London, L34 567, UK"

Latitude / Longitude Address – For example, "51.5205713,-0.1589691"

"address": " Baker Street, London, L34 567, UK", "coordinates": { "lat": 51.5205713, "long": -0.1589691 },

No matter the format you choose, the addresses you provide should be precise and accurate to give your delivery the best chance of success.

Here is our advice for providing the best quality addresses:

  • Make use of an address lookup solution such as Google Autocomplete when gathering addresses. This minimises human error and improves address formatting.
  • Validate your addresses by API early on in the ordering or setup flow to ensure they’ll be accepted at job creation. This prevents frustrations later on in the customer ordering journey. 
  • Provide additional address details in the comments fields rather than the address fields themselves. Such details include flat, apartment, or courtyard details, and number ranges. This prevents redundant information from causing an incorrect geocoding match.