External Whistleblowing System

As part of its commitment to strengthen its ethical commitments and to provide tools accessible to all to report a situation that is inappropriate or does not comply with our principles or applicable laws and regulations, Stuart has created this whistleblowing system available to all stakeholders (users, customers, suppliers, subcontractors, unions, NGOs, etc.). This system complements existing internal channels and strengthens Stuart's approach to ethics and compliance. 

What is a Whistleblowing system? 

A whistleblowing System is a mechanism placed at the disposal of Stuart’s employees and stakeholders for reporting actions or behaviors that may compromise individuals’ integrity and/or rights, that may affect Stuart activity, and/or create serious liability (health and safety, environment, human rights, individual rights, privacy. etc.).

When should I use the Whistleblowing system?

When you witness or are aware of a behavior or actions that you believe to be misconduct, illegal and not in line with ethics standard and principles, as well as all other violations of laws and regulations or any incident relating to : Fraud, Data protection, Human rights (including Modern Slavery and Human traffichink), Anti Corruption and Anti Bribery, Environment, Antitrust, Harassment, Tax evasion, Health & Security, International sanctions, Discrimination, any crime, etc…

Who is concerned ?

This alert system is intended for all Stuart stakeholders who are victims or witnesses of an incident or behavior as listed above : any third party involved with Stuart, users, subcontractors, suppliers, partners, clients, end-consumers, unions, NGOs, etc…

An internal Whistleblowing channel is also in place to facilitate the communication of irregular behavior within Stuart itself, its employees, or third parties that have some relationship with the company.

How does it work?

You can report the breach or incident to ethics@stuart.com. 
A Stuart Ethics Commission has been created to deal with those alerts. It is composed of professionals with legal training who will be in charge of verifying the veracity of the reported breaches and will take the necessary measures where appropriate. 
In a maximum period of 3 months, we will update the informant about the status of the complaint.
In every complaint, we will grant by all means the confidentiality of :

  • the whistleblower's identity,
  • the identity of anyone identified by the alert,
  • any documents that may be sent and received as part of the alert.

What about my personal data?

Any data collected by Stuart whistleblowing system is processed in line with the specific Data protection regulations (including, but not limited to the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016 - General Data Protection Regulation). Every precaution has been taken to protect the security and privacy of these data whenever they are collected, transmitted, or saved. 
In accordance with current regulations, any person can ask to access and correct his/her data. It is also possible to exercise these rights by sending an e-mail to gdpr@stuart.com.