If award winning, sustainable, bushy Christmas trees are not enough to get your attention, what if we told you they can be delivered the very next day or a day of your choice? That’s right, the collaboration between Stuart and The Stem has adapted to consumers’ growing needs for home delivery in a precise, convenient, yet sustainable fashion, meaning your festive plant can be delivered to fit your schedule. 

The Stem’s aim is to connect people to nature through plants and gardening. Their expertise extends past Christmas trees to all plants. However, one element remains the same - their passion for everything green: plants and sustainability. This passion has resulted in 18,000kgs of cardboard saved by using low impact packaging, over 18,000 trees planted in partnership with Eden Projects and for every Christmas tree that’s sold, 10 new trees are planted to offset the carbon emissions generated.

Next day Christmas tree delivery

100% green delivery by Stuart

Why did The Stem select Stuart? Stuart’s hub-to-home model is convenient, precise and sustainable by design. The operation takes place in our London hub, where in this case the Christmas trees are collected from The Stem’s distribution centre and injected by Stuart into the fulfilment centre. From here, the trees are distributed the next day or on a scheduled day of the end-customer’s choosing via our 100% green electric vehicles across central London. This makes the partnership between Stuart x The Stem fully sustainable, with the trees being delivered by a 100% electric & green Stuart van fleet. 

It is convenient, with the retail partners’ end-customers being notified of a three hour delivery slot, which is allocated on the morning of the delivery. This allows for the end-customer to plan their delivery around their day-to-day life. Once the transport vehicle leaves the hub to do the delivery round, the end-customer is notified of a specific 1-hour delivery time slot. That is the precision element.

“Ordered the tree the day before and it came the next day promptly. I was kept updated on delivery. The driver was pleasant and helpful. The tree was fresh and lovely shape and smells divine. Will definitely recommend and use again. Thank you” - Customer review

Precision is key

Precision and accuracy are an increasing consumer desire, with 87% of consumers stating that the ability to track their packages is key. The ability to ensure that you won’t miss your delivery due to great communication is an extensive selling point. 98% of online shoppers believe that regular delivery notifications are a key factor in brand loyalty. Further 93% want regular updates on their delivery status, something that is achieved with our hub-to-home service. 

The end-customer is notified at three stages of the delivery journey:

  1. Firstly their three hour delivery time window, with an option to reschedule 
  2. Next they receive their one hour delivery time window
  3. Finally a confirmation that their courier is on the way, along with a live tracking link

We are proud to have delivered over 3,000 trees for The Stem so far with an average on time rate of 95%.

To 'wrap' up..

Stuart are incredibly proud to collaborate with a partner that mirrors their sustainable aspirations whilst ensuring the customers’ delivery experience is best-in-class. The Stem share the same enthusiasm: 

“We're incredibly excited to work with Stuart this year, taking Christmas up a notch in London. People are wanting to shop more consciously, and with sustainability at the heart of our business, we’re offering our customers a 'greener' tree. Not only do they arrive in 100% electric vans but our partnership with Stuart means we can provide next day and scheduled delivery options.

 As well as this exceptional service, our trees are grown responsibly on an award-winning farm in Britain, and for each one purchased ten new trees are planted in its place.”James Folger, Founder of The Stem.

4,000 trees are due to be delivered by the time Christmas arrives. Don’t hesitate to get in contact to understand how we can optimise your delivery channels, satisfying your consumers needs. Contact us today ➡️ here

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