Video surveillance – Privacy Notice

Last modified: 13th April 2023

Stuart ("we", "us", "our") is a group of companies specialising in last-mile logistics services. 

This notice provides information about the personal data we process in connection with the use of closed-circuit television (“CCTV”) on our sites in the United Kingdom, including your rights in relation to this personal data.

Stuart manages and operates CCTV schemes present at our hubs. Please note that we are not the scheme operator for the CCTV present at our offices in the United Kingdom.

Further information about the CCTV in operation at our offices can be found here.

We have tried to provide this information as clearly and transparently as possible. If you would like more information about the data we process, the purposes for which it is processed and the retention periods, please contact us. 

This notice was last updated on 13/04/2023 and is updated consistently. Therefore, we invite you to consult it regularly.

Lawful basis

Your data is collected on the basis of the legitimate interests of the scheme operator for the purposes detailed below.

Details of personal data processed





Retention Period

Images and video footage

● ensure the safety and security of the site, our staff, and visitors;

● allow the collection of evidence to help find and convict offenders; and,

● prevent, detect, investigate, and prosecute crime.


● You

● Stuart employees;

● Law enforcement authorities;

● Other government authorities as applicable.

● 30 days*

* Where an incident occurs, Stuart reserves the right to retain these images further as necessary to ensure the proper investigation of the incident. 

Signs are present to advise you that CCTV is in operation, as well as who operates the scheme.

For the avoidance of doubt, the cameras in place do not record audio.

What are your rights?

For further information on your rights and how Stuart processes your personal data, please see this page.