Consumer convenience is key

Consumers have requested and Tesco has delivered - 60 minute on-demand delivery from one of the most recognisable household UK names is now a reality.

Tesco is exploring different ways to meet customers' needs and make their shopping experience even more convenient. The grocer wanted to launch an on-demand delivery service to make online shopping more seamless for customers. As Chris Poad, Managing Director at Tesco said:

“Customers are telling us they would welcome a 60 minute delivery option.”

Step in Stuart, the ultimate on-demand delivery solution for top grocers in the UK. The partnership began in June - and strong customer uptake resulted in significant growth from August to September. The 60 minute delivery option is available at checkout on the Tesco main website. End-customers can select this fast choice for a £5 fee, picked up and delivered by a Stuart partner courier.

Whoosh Delivery

Just Whoosh It! Powered by Stuart

The end-customer's journey with Stuart begins at check out, all completed either on Tesco’s app or webpage. They simply enter their postcode and if Tesco Whoosh operates in their local area, the option will be shown as available. Did we mention that it’s delivered in under one hour? Instacart recently reported that 85% of shoppers said they would prefer to receive grocery deliveries in two hours or less. 

The end-customer remains in the delivery loop after placing their order, with live tracking automatically presented after checkout, whilst also being visible in the app. They’re notified when the courier has picked up the package and is out for delivery, all the way to when the delivery is at their front door - all in sustainable paper bags. 

Whoosh users can even take advantage of in-store deals, collect Clubcard points and even use coupons. Whether they have forgotten something, fancy an easy, hassle-free treat or are forced to stay home, this is the solution. 

“Having to self isolate with a fever but needed baby formula and was thrilled to see the Tesco Whoosh option from my local supermarket. Arrived in contactless delivery within an hour. Really happy with this service from start to finish.” - From a happy 5-star customer

From 0 to 100 in 200 days

Tesco Whoosh has already launched in 100 stores, with a target of 600 stores operating this service by the end of next year - now that is quick growth! By the end of February 2022, Whoosh will be present in more than 20 cities in the UK through partnering with Stuart.

Stuart are extremely proud to be the on-demand delivery partner for Tesco. With an aim to offer customers great value and even more convenience, Stuart is supporting Tesco to deliver on their mission. With 46% of consumers now valuing fast delivery more since the start of the pandemic, the time to provide this option is now.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our sales team to make your end-customers speedy delivery dreams a reality. Contact ➡️ here

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