It’s time to discuss live tracking - not only the feature that everyone wants, but the feature that everyone needs. This is the ability for end-customers to track their order in real time, allowing them to ensure successful receipt of the product they are so desperately craving. When we say this aspect of the delivery journey is vital, we mean it. In a Metapack Report 69% of consumers stated that the ability to track an order is one of their top three priorities when purchasing online. Consumers are no longer willing to wait the uninformed hours for a package to be delivered: delivery precision is key and a priority. 

Not only is this vital for the end-consumer, but also for our clients: businesses. Whether they’re an in-store manager of a top clothing retailer, or an online grocer, our platform allows constant tracking of all orders in an easy, digestible setting. It’s a win-win situation for all stakeholders involved, as you can see in our video below.

Tracking for clients

Firstly we’ll look at the tracking capabilities for clients, including the impressive customisable aspect that is offered. On our Dashboard interface there is an ‘ongoing’ tab that allows clients to visualise all ongoing deliveries on an interactive map, displaying package pick up all the way to drop off. Our API interface also provides a direct tracking link to this map for each individual package. Clients can follow the journey, with clear visibility of delivery timings. As a tech first platform, this provides clarity on any late orders or delays in timings promised to the end-customer.

As a brand, maintaining a consistent brand voice is an integral element. The customisable aspect of our live tracking means this is possible. Our clients are able to customise not only the wording used in the live tracking communications sent to their end-customers, but also able to edit the flow. This includes how many messages you want to send and via which medium, i.e. SMS, email or your own app via push notifications and in-app updates.

Tracking for end-customers

We recognise that end-customers are businesses most vital stakeholders, meaning we have ensured that their delivery journey is seamless. End-customers will automatically receive a trackable link via SMS/email, allowing them to adequately plan their time around deliveries. 

Live tracking phone

In a ProShip Study, 97% of customers actually expect the ability to monitor their orders throughout every step of the shipping process. With our SMS customisation this can be achieved, extending the SMS communications to notify the customer at multiple steps of the journey. The most common flow is this three stage SMS communication:

  1. Confirmation that a courier has been assigned to carry out the order
  2. Confirmation that the order has been collected and an estimation of delivery time and finally;
  3. Proximity alert, confirming that the courier is a few minutes away from their final destination

As we’ve explored, live tracking is an essential feature that not only enhances the consumer's journey, but also makes it a gratifying shopping experience. 87.4% of consumers said that real-time order tracking made their buying experience more enjoyable. That enjoyable factor means that those shoppers are more likely to become advocates of your brand and return on a regular basis. 

Our sales team are just as passionate about live tracking. Click here ⬅️ to find out more from the experts.

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