🏡 City: Vitré ➡️ Paris ➡️ Buenos Aires ➡️ Paris

💼 Job title: Head of H2H - France

🎓 Studies: Corporate finance and financial engineering at University Paris Dauphine 

🔮 Languages: French 🇫🇷 English 🇬🇧 and Spanish 🇪🇸

👣 How do you commute at work? I used to take the subway to the office but now I use electric scooters

🧳 Travel dreams: I’ve visited a lot of countries in Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Cambodia, Hong-Kong) so now I’d like to fly to Brazil and to the US to see if they’re as good as the movie industry describes them

🎬 Favorite film: “Yamakasi” by Ariel Zeitoun because it’s an emotional story on a group of friends and I love the way it was filmed

📌 Tell us a little bit about your background and why you joined Stuart?

After my studies, I did one year of internship as a Merger & Acquisition analyst in a Swiss bank and as a consultant for BNP Paribas CIB Consulting. Quickly enough, I figured out I didn’t want to embark in a bank career, even though the topics were interesting, I felt the work environment didn’t fit my personality and what I expected from work. I was looking for a company leaning towards a more « human » and collaborative structure. I was very interested in working in a startup and then I stumbled on a job opportunity at Stuart. The job was perfectly aligned with my background in finance and was the gateway towards my career goals. I joined Stuart in 2016 as a finance intern and switched a few months later to Operations as a full-timer. This department was a perfect match for me, as I could leverage my analytical skills to have a greater impact on the business. I am now head of Hub to Home, Stuart’s new venture launched in late 2019. Its goal is to provide a 2-hour delivery service from urban warehouses. It was the necessary addition to complete our service. It’s incredible how one decision can lead you to a totally different career path, time goes by so fast when you actually enjoy what you do!

📌 What are the main operational challenges you face on a daily basis?

One of my past challenges was to ensure the best forecast for all potential users - riders and clients - in more than 50 cities where Stuart is implemented. The purpose of this job is to ensure the presence of the right number of riders at any time in each area of the cities in which we operate. This task is really challenging because you have to forecast two behaviours: end-clients and riders’. Are end-clients going to request express deliveries for their orders - burgers, clothes, computers, etc. - and in which quantity? Is the volume going to be steady or will there be peak hours? At what time of the day, in which area? On the riders’ side, considering the fact that Stuart is a flexible job and drivers can connect to the platform whenever they want, we need to make sure all deliveries are handled, meeting SLAs (Service level agreement) we agreed on. Our algorithms and data help us predict to optimize our fleet density in real-time, but we also rely on our experience to make the right decisions. 

As Head of Hub to Home, my main goal is to ensure the growth of our new venture, to sustain our model system and to make sure we maintain the same quality of service as we experience with our current on-demand platform.

📌 What is the balance between satisfying clients and offering the best work experience to our drivers?

Finding the right balance is at the core of Stuart’s business model. Our daily task is to match supply and demand in real-time. We’re on a mission to build a virtuous circle: bringing more riders to the streets and having a higher density/coverage will bring more clients to the platform and more clients means we will need more riders to perform deliveries. Our team’s hard work on meeting this objective is essential in providing a seamless experience to all stakeholders.

stuart team member

📌 What have you learned so far since you joined Stuart?

The most important skill I’ve learned along the way is to take ownership of my projects, to prioritise my actions, make my own decisions and trust my instinct. When I joined Stuart, I was surprised that the people in the company instantly gave me important missions and the chance to bear responsibilities. It was both exciting and very challenging because my previous experiences didn’t give me the space to act on my own. Evolving in a fast-paced start-up, I’ve also learned how to work as a team, to find the right balance to acknowledge everybody’s personality and capacities and to know how to channel them for the project's best interests. Being a part of a team, finding the right frameworks to collaborate as the company grows is demanding but very rewarding when you see that it unleashes productivity and that it brings teams closer together, as professionals and friends.

📌 What projects are you most proud of?

I am really proud of being part of the Operations department as a whole, and of all the cool projects we’ve delivered as a team: our crazy growth, density of riders’ operations, outstanding  client experience, with an average of only 5 minutes pickup time. If I had to name one single project I’m really proud of, I would say the launch of Hub to Home, our new venture specializing deliveries from micro-fulfilment hubs. It feels like a great achievement to have successfully launched this new activity from scratch. We were so sure of the relevance of this new venture in the market that we were able to convince our shareholders that Stuart is the key actor to tackle express and precise last mile deliveries for retailers and e-commerce.

I’m so proud of the team and the product that we’ve built in order to make Hub to Home come to life! Such a rewarding experience. 

📌 What makes you happy at Stuart?

The first thing that comes to mind is the projects we work on because I like to be challenged on a daily basis and Stuart provides a lot of opportunities on that side. I have the need to challenge myself and constantly improve my organization and the way I deal with my work. In short, I can guarantee you there’s never a dull moment in this company! What also motivates me at Stuart is our company’s mission - Logistics for a sustainable world: shared, efficient and reliable - it resonates with my inner belief that we can invest our time and energy to build a better place for everyone to live in. I feel we are pioneering an ambitious global logistics transformation that aims at reducing negative externalities of transportation in our current world. 

What really makes me smile every morning when I come to work are the people at Stuart. When I first joined Stuart, I knew that it would be a start-up atmosphere, but I couldn't imagine that I would get so close to the people I’m working with. We’re like a huge group of friends who happen to work together, best combination ever!

No one was harmed in the making of this picture

📌 What do you like to do in your spare time? 

I like spending time with my friends, every occasion is an opportunity to see each other and share moments together. You can find us in bars, theatres, restaurants, clubs, etc. We always have the best time!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. You see, I have quite a reputation, one that I’m quite proud to uphold. I’m kind of a party guy, I’m very fond of the nightlife, clubbing and all that… So much that a few years ago I was promoted to CNO - Chief Night Officer - by our very own COO! Cool, am I right?

I have other hobbies, I’ve been a huge fan of football ever since I was five years old. I played in a lot of different clubs and I stopped when I started my career. It’s honestly the only sport that didn’t bore me after 2 years.

📌 What’s your ultimate bucket list goal?

I’d say that my ultimate goal is to be able to live a few years abroad. I want to discover new cultures and really feel like I’m a part of it. I love the idea of learning a new language and challenging myself to go beyond my comfort zone. Life is full of challenges so why not embrace them. A lot of people are already working abroad remotely or in our different offices across the United Kingdom or Spain but why not discover a country Stuart will launch in the near future? It could be very interesting!

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