Stuart joins forces with Otter to revolutionise restaurant orders and deliveries

London, 12 September 2023 – Europe’s leading last-mile technology logistics company, Stuart, has partnered with Otter, the innovative all-in-one restaurant operating system. The collaboration will connect restaurants and independent couriers through a single platform, increasing efficiency, reach, and order volume while decreasing delays, lost sales, and order errors.

Otter and Stuart share the same belief that efficient deliveries can empower businesses. By joining forces, they seek to simplify the order management and delivery process and ensure that restaurants can focus more on what matters to them: their customers and food. Otter’s order aggregation technology, combined with Stuart’s expertise in urban logistics, will better equip restaurants to succeed in the omnichannel world of the food and drinks industry. 

Through the new partnership, restaurants can integrate directly to Stuart’s interface through Otter and instantly connect to a fleet of independent couriers, saving up to 20% on costs. Restaurants will continue to receive online orders through an Otter tablet, but will now be able to select and view the independent courier's contact details and ETA. Furthermore, there will be the capability to track the pick-up and delivery process. Ultimately, this partnership will allow businesses to simplify order management, and remove the need for management and cost of an in-house fleet of delivery drivers. 

“This alliance supports our ambition to help restaurants future-proof their businesses, embracing innovative technology across both order and delivery to provide financial results and build customer loyalty”, said Cornelia Raportaru, CEO of Stuart. "This next chapter of collaboration combines our expertise in urban logistics with Otter’s order aggregator system to keep our restaurant industry thriving.” 

“We are pleased to announce the seamless integration of Otter and Stuart. As restaurants look for added control and flexibility for their logistics operations, we are very excited to partner with the largest and most experienced last-mile tech logistics provider in the UK,” says Matthew Gillet, General Manager at Otter UK. He adds: “From order management to real-time tracking and fast, accurate deliveries, our integrated platform will set a new benchmark for seamless logistics.”

About Stuart  
Stuart is a tech logistics company that has revolutionised urban delivery since it was founded in Paris in 2015. Committed to providing logistics for a sustainable world, Stuart connects businesses of all sizes to high-quality independent couriers to offer industry-leading delivery built on precision, speed, and flexibility. This is powered by innovative logistics technology and operational expertise, allowing global retailers and local businesses to meet their customers’ needs for on-demand, same-day and next-day delivery. Stuart currently operates millions of deliveries every month across over 150 cities in the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Poland and Italy. Stuart is a subsidiary of Geopost. Find out more on

About Otter
Otter is a delivery management and optimisation platform that seeks to empower all restaurants. Otter helps restaurants increase sales and efficiency through their end-to-end platform that connects restaurants and delivery. Its platform provides unparalleled order aggregation, automation, and data reporting, ensuring restaurants succeed in an omnichannel world by increasing online sales and operating with greater efficiency. Otter’s innovative order management and analytics technology products can be tailored to meet all restaurants’ online ordering needs. Find out more on

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