On-demand contract UK

Authorised Processors and Sub-Processors

As part of the performance of the Delivery Services, Stuart engages the following Sub-Processors that will Process Personal Data in accordance with the client’s Instructions. 

Notwithstanding an objection that has been communicated to Stuart in accordance with the contractual clauses in force between the parties, these Sub-processors shall be considered to have been authorised for the purposes of Article 28 GDPR.

A.    Stuart affiliates authorised to act as Sub-Processor




SRT Group

Provider of freight transportation management and optimisation software and a digital platform for freight delivery service requirements ("the Stuart platform")

B.    Authorised sub-processors

Company Name (System)


Amazon, Inc.

Data Hosting

Google, Inc.

Data Hosting

Intercom, Inc.

Customer Communications Platform

Twilio, Inc.

Customer Support Tool

Speaktoit, Inc. (Dialogflow)

Customer Support Bot

Concentrix + Webhelp

Customer Support Services

Independent Courier and Substitutes (as applicable)

Independent Courier and Substitutes (as applicable) 

Date of last update: 13/03/2024