🏡 City: Lisbon ➡️ Paris 

💼 Job title: Talent Acquisition Specialist  

🎓 Studies: Master in Human Resources Management and Organizational Consultancy at ISCTE Business School of Lisbon

🔮 Languages: Portuguese 🇵🇹 English 🇬🇧 I speak a little bit of Italian 🇮🇹 and Spanish 🇪🇸 and I’m learning French 🇫🇷

👣 How do you commute at work: I come to work by metro every day and it takes me around 15 min

🧳 Travel dreams: It would be to discover all the world but as next steps Cambodia and the Northern Lights

🎬 Favorite film: “The Big Fish” by Tim Burton. I love drama fantasy movies and this one is very touching. It talks about the extension of truth, people’s emotions and family connections.

📌 How would your manager and co-workers describe you?

I think that they would define me as an energetic, joyful and empathetic person. I always have a smile on my face - unless when I’m focused, I can look really serious! I approach work in the same way I approach life - with passion and positivity! I’m definitely a talkative person, this is also one of the reasons why I love my job!

Stuart employees in the office

📌 What was it like moving from Portugal to France for work?

I really miss the sun of Lisbon but it was overall a very good experience. I was looking forward to working abroad and for me it’s not so important where I live but actually what I’ll be doing. I love my job and I love that I'm creating a positive impact on Stuart and on people's careers. I’m surrounded by really talented people at work that make me evolve in my life and my career but that also became my friends and my “family” in France. Major plus side, this country has the best red wine in the world!

📌 What do you like most about your position? What motivates you?

What I like the most about my position is feeling that I’m creating a real impact on people’s lives. I feel that I have the opportunity to follow my purpose every day at Stuart. I can meet new people on a daily basis and give them the possibility to be a part of an amazing adventure that will help them grow both professionally and personally. Spending hours exchanging with an array of profiles motivates me a lot because it constantly opens me to new horizons and makes me learn a lot.

📌 What was your best trip so far? 

The best trip I did so far was spending 40 days backpacking in the Balkans. I had just finished my first internship and the small amount of money I could save was for this trip. I did 8 countries and 15 cities with 10kg on my back. I met a lot of new people, I did couchsurfing, I met old friends that I could hardly see again and I got stuck in cities because the train circuit is not the best! It was my first big trip and totally sponsored by myself, so definitely impossible to forget!

woman by the sea backpacking
From the backpacking trip to the Balkans - yes, the bag is bigger than Sara

📌 What’s it like working at Stuart?

I feel that it’s like joining a blue rocketship aiming for something greater than us. I’m very proud to see how much we’ve achieved so far and I am so excited about the things that we are ready to conquer. I moved from my country - Portugal - to start working for Stuart and I didn’t think about it twice. It was not because of the Eiffel Tower, it was because it was Stuart! From the beginning, I knew that I was surrounded by really clever people that challenge me every single day to be better in what I do. At the same time, I feel that I’m free to be myself at work which is also really important.

📌 Did you live abroad before France?

I did Erasmus - student exchange program - in Italy for 6 months and I moved 2 months to Poland to develop a project for the European Union. These were short experiences that made me realize that the world is too big to settle in only one place! 

📌 What is the funniest thing that has happened to you during the recruitment process? 

Something that really made me laugh! I had booked a Skype interview but there was a misunderstanding and the candidate didn’t expect that it would be a video call. He didn’t want to admit that he was caught unexpectedly, so he was trying to keep it together but the room was full, really full of clothes everywhere - it really looked like a laundry room! He was so stressed out, surrounded by white shirts but finally, we both ended up laughing. I would say that it was a good way to understand how he would react under unexpected events… And he managed it very well!

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