Stuart's Code Of Conduct

Ethics and Compliance are key components of Stuart’s culture and are the foundation from which Stuart continues to evolve as a company.

At Stuart, respecting the highest standard of compliance is a guarantee of transparency, but also a lever for performance and confidence, enabling each stakeholder to achieve strategic objectives with integrity.

This Code of Conduct provides, to employees and partners, guidelines for fulfilling their professional responsibilities with respect and integrity. Stuart’s is fully committed to following said directives, in order to ensure that everybody is  performing in an ethical manner and are aligned with applicable laws.

This commitment not only contributes to the sustainability of the Group's activities and protects their customers and clients’ interests, but it also truly contributes to maintaining the confidence of its employees, stakeholders, and shareholders.

Stuart strives to make sure that our business practices and operations respect the environment, embrace diversity, value employee contribution, and uphold basic human rights and appropriate rules for business ethics and professional conduct. 

In this regard, Stuart regularly consolidates its compliance program: increasing the resources and means dedicated to compliance throughout its organization, implementing policies and processes, assessing risks, training employees, and developing action plans for continuous improvement.

Stuart's commitment to ethics extends beyond its employees. Agents, suppliers, subcontractors, and users are also obliged to uphold ethical principles. Stuart seeks business partners whose policies regarding ethical, social, and environmental issues are consistent with our own.

If you witness or are aware of a behavior or actions that you believe to be in violation of this Code, you can use the Whistleblowing system available on this website.

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