IRO Sushi, a popular sushi restaurant chain founded in 2014, aimed to distance itself from existing marketplaces to avoid high commission rates and gain more control over the customer journey. They needed a solution that would allow them to manage their own delivery service efficiently while ensuring high-quality service.

Before partnering with Stuart, IRO Sushi employed its own delivery drivers and managed its own fleet. This approach presented challenges in terms of scalability, cost efficiency, and maintaining a high standard of delivery service as they expanded.

As IRO Sushi continued to expand by opening more stores, it became an increasing scalability challenge to maintain a seamless integration with their systems whilst offering flexible delivery options. This included integrating with third-party providers like FlipDish to support their setup and managing increasing delivery volumes efficiently.


In 2019, IRO Sushi partnered with Stuart to develop its own delivery channel by accessing Stuart’s network of independent courier partners. By working with third-party provider FlipDish, they streamlined their order management and flexible delivery options.

With Stuart, IRO Sushi gained autonomy over its deliveries, allowing them to build a loyal customer base, control the customer journey, and avoid high marketplace commissions. This strategic partnership also provided transparent pricing, a robust driver network, and comprehensive customer support, enhancing their overall delivery service quality.


Since partnering with Stuart, IRO Sushi has significantly increased its delivery volumes, achieving 11,192 deliveries in 2023, up from 6,905 deliveries the previous year. The ability to manage and scale their delivery operations efficiently has been a critical factor in their growth.

With Stuart’s support, IRO Sushi has maintained a high-quality delivery service, ensuring timely deliveries and secure packaging with an average end-to-end delivery time of 17 minutes. The seamless integration and flexible delivery options have enhanced the overall customer experience, contributing to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

IRO Sushi has successfully expanded its presence, with 23 stores currently in operation and 4 more set to open by the end of the 2024. The company is also exploring franchising, partnerships, collaborations, and menu innovation as part of its strategic growth. The partnership with Stuart continues to play a crucial role in supporting these expansion efforts and delivering on their ambitious growth plans.

"Our partnership with IRO Sushi showcases the potential of businesses to take control of their delivery services while scaling effectively. We are proud to support IRO Sushi in their journey, providing them with the tools and network to achieve remarkable growth and maintain high-quality service standards." - Damián Kinderknecht, Head of UK Commercial at Stuart


The partnership between IRO Sushi and Stuart exemplifies how strategic collaboration can drive growth and enhance service quality in the food delivery industry. By leveraging Stuart's innovative delivery platform and integrating seamlessly with their systems, IRO Sushi has gained autonomy over their deliveries, improved customer experience, and achieved significant growth in delivery volumes. The ongoing support from Stuart will continue to be instrumental as IRO Sushi expands and evolves in the competitive market.

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