BrewDog was founded in 2007 by Martin Dickie and James Watt with the mission to make other people as passionate about great craft beer as they are. BrewDog is uncompromising, both in the end-product and the way it is formulated. Becoming one of the world's first carbon negative breweries wasn’t enough, so they have now established the ‘Carbon Negative Crew’. What does that mean? It means they remove twice as much carbon from the atmosphere as their 1000 strong team produces in their personal and professional life. 

Stuart also has a sustainability-first mindset, with a pledge to build logistics for a sustainable world, making this partnership a natural fit. The Stuart x BrewDog relationship was formed in early 2019, driven by the ingrained culture of innovation that BrewDog strives for. With the events of 2020 - and 2021 - seeing the closure of pubs and bars, there was a need to get beer to the end customer in a quick, safe, and precise way. This is when the relationship flourished. Stuart now offers on-demand delivery for 37 BrewDog bars across the UK, with an average end-to-end delivery time of 25 minutes in 2020.

A same-day delivery match made in (beer) heaven!

Stuart are a last-mile leading solution for on-demand deliveries, revolutionising the future of urban logistics. Stuart offers BrewDog end customers an on-demand delivery option. With 49% of consumers stating that same-day delivery makes them more likely to shop online, the importance to provide this as a delivery option is clear. 

Not only is the service on demand, but it is also precise. The end customer is updated via an email tracking link, ensuring they’re constantly informed. In the UK, 65.7% of e-shoppers stated that knowing an exact one-hour time window delivery slot would make them more likely to purchase from a website. 

"Our partnership with Stuart was critical to our business in 2020 and knowing that they could still enjoy fresh draught beer and food in under an hour kept BrewDog’s legions of fans engaged with our bars and teams throughout an incredibly challenging period in our history." - James Hart, Head of Delivery

Streamlining the customer journey via App and Website integration

The customers’ on-demand beer delivery journey starts with the App or Website, BrewDog Now. BrewDog Now allows the end customer to enter their postcode to locate their closest BrewDog bar. They can then select from a wide array of fresh draught beer, bottles or cans, spirits, wine or even mini kegs. The end customer is then given an estimated delivery time, usually within an hour, from bar to door. 

Brewdog x Stuart

Having this seamless integration allows BrewDog to keep customers on their website whilst offering a state-of-the-art delivery solution, without the hassle of an in-house operations team. Brewdog have stuck to their expertise of beer and outsourced the last-mile logistics to the specialists, Stuart. 

The integration also allows the end customer to see a predicted delivery window, which according to 8 out of 10 shoppers, is important for them to see before the final checkout.

Stuart's expertise extends to food delivery

The offering does not stop there, as one of Stuart's specialities is food delivery. On BrewDog Now you can also order food off the varied menu or some bar snacks to accompany their tasty brews. With millions of burgers being delivered successfully by Stuart thus far, BrewDog felt reassured that their food delivery was safe in the hands (or should we say thermal bags) of the Stuart partner courier fleet. 

2021 is an exciting year for BrewDog, with more bars opening in Germany, India, USA, and the UK, too. Keep your beer goggles peeled! 

Want to join BrewDog in offering your end customers an on-demand delivery service? Why not speak to our experienced team and make this an option.

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