🎤 Inside Stuart: Lena Lorenz - Lead Agile Coach Manager

Meet Lena, Agile Coach at Stuart. Discover her motivations for joining Stuart, the aspects of her jobs as Agile coach working with distributed and cross-functional tech teams, and her secret talent that no one knows about.

4 min

🎤 Inside Stuart: Ágata Rocha — Head of Product Design

Get a sneak peek of what it’s like to be Head of Product Design in a booming start-up. Ágata tells us about the challenges of her new role, shares her design philosophy and how she keeps up with new technologies.

5 min

🎤 Inside Stuart: Leo Boni — Head of Agile

We shine a light on our Head of Agile, Leo Boni, and on the exciting challenges that he faces in his role. Discover more about his long term vision and why he moved to Barcelona from California.

7 min

🎤 Inside Stuart: Maxence Haouari — Senior Data Engineer

Discover the behind-the-scenes of working as a Senior Data Engineer at Stuart. Maxence tells us about the biggest challenges in his current role and shares the projects that he is the most proud of.

7 min

🎤 Inside Stuart: Maria Luchita — Head of Talent Acquisition

Get to know Maria, our Head of Talent Acquisition, and what drives her passion to hire the best Engineers at Stuart. Discover her inspiring journey and the day-to-day challenges she tackles at Stuart.

5 min

🎤 Inside Stuart: Sara Andrade — Talent Acquisition Specialist

Meet Sara, our Talent Acquisition Specialist. She tells us about her adventurous trips and the challenges her job entails.

5 min