🏡 City: Bombay ➡️ Nottingham ➡️ London

💼 Job title: Lead Product Manager

🎓 Studies: Computer Science at the University of Nottingham

🔮 Languages: English 🇬🇧 and Hindi 🇮🇳.

👣 How do you commute to work: Tube / walk

🧳 Travel dreams: I’d love to go on a culinary tour of South America (👀 ceviche, anticuchos)

🎬 Favorite film: Favorite tv show? The Office (US)!

📌 How did you get into the last-mile delivery business?

I previously worked in FinTech and HealthTech and wanted to experience a totally different domain. The first time I came across Stuart, the website totally caught my attention—bold, bright and inviting. I decided to join the company because of the people and diverse team. The culture resonated with me and I knew it would be the perfect fit! I was also curious to understand the operations behind making same-day delivery possible.

📌 How has your journey evolved since you joined Stuart?

I joined Stuart in May 2021, initially in the Courier Operations team. At that moment, we had some products that were only used by couriers in the U.K. and we needed someone to set a vision and strategy for them–that’s where I came in. We worked on a number of improvements to slot management, payments and fleet management. I worked with a talented group of automation engineers and it was such a fun ride!

A few months later, I realized I wanted to have a more global focus and applied for an internal move to the Product team. I’m super happy it worked out and I am now leading the Client Payments product team; we build tools to help with client money matters–from pricing negotiation to invoicing. 

The Product Management team is spread across offices in two cities–Paris and Barcelona–and I was a bit nervous at first to be the only one in London. However,  what helped me was that we did all our communication over Slack and Google Meet so I always felt in the know about important team topics. The fact that I am not the only one working remotely also helped me integrate quickly. I want to stay close to my team and users, so I plan visits to Barcelona and Paris frequently.

📌 What is the most exciting aspect of your job as Lead Product Manager?

Testing prototypes! There is nothing more satisfying than receiving feedback on ideas that you have spent weeks or months designing with your team. The feedback isn’t always positive, sometimes we realize that we have missed an important use case or overlooked a usability aspect. We use these learnings to refine our prototype and ideas before any development begins. Not only does it saves us time and effort down the line, but increases our confidence in the ideas we are shipping for our uses.

Divya park walk
Divya during one of her walks through Regent's park–one of her favourite thing to do over weekends

📌 What is the best memory that you have working at Stuart?

Probably the first offsite I went to in Bath! ​​I was 2 weeks old at Stuart at the time and it was my first time outside London since the Covid-19 pandemic hit. It was great to see my peers in person and get to know everyone in a semi-informal setting!

📌 If you could live in any place and time period in history, which one would you choose and why?

The late 70s early 80’s—for the music and fashion! Although I would bring my cell phone and oat milk along with me.

📌 What do you like to do in your spare time?

I’ll catch up with my friends, play tennis, listen to a podcast, or–if I am super lazy–watch a tv show. A walk in the park with a podcast and cup of coffee is one of my favorite things to do, especially if the sun is out! I have a few regular podcasts, but right now Robinhood's Snacks Daily is my favorite!

Divya barista training course
Divya doing a barista training course in Shoreditch

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