🏡 City: London ➡️ Leeds ➡️ London

💼 Job title: Business Development Manager

🎓 Studies: Theatre and Performance - Leeds University

🔮 Languages: English 🇬🇧 , & currently learning Swedish 🇸🇪

👣 How do you commute to work: I take the train for an hour

🧳 Travel dreams: Thailand - went there when I was young & Japan

🎬 Favorite film/series: I’ll say “Scrubs” because I identify a lot with J.D

📌 How did you come across Stuart? What did your first day look like?

I was looking for a new job and I saw a LinkedIn Job Ad for Stuart, I applied, and here we are 3 years later! 

My first day was really nice and welcoming. It was still a really small team, there were maybe about 20 of us in the office in London back then. I had lunch with everyone out in a restaurant to welcome me, I got to meet all the different teams. It just felt really comfortable straight away, and I really liked that.

Stuart employees - Delivery conference

📌 In your 3 years at Stuart, what would you say is your greatest memory?

I think probably the first Off-site I went to in Barcelona, where I looked around at everyone, only ever really knowing the english team and seeing just how huge an operation Stuart really was. Seeing all those people fill up this lecture theatre in this hotel and getting to know every Stuwie, putting a face to a name after being on Slack for so long! It was just my greatest memory. 

📌 What has been your proudest achievement so far? Tell us a bit about your role as a Business Development Manager.

I would say my proudest achievement would be when we had our first Hub to Home client in the UK. It had been worked on for about 8 months, I was working very closely with Operations to help as much as I could. So seeing those packages delivered was both a massive proof that everything had worked, but also just a huge celebration of everything that we’d put in and resulted in a success. And I think that there are probably a few people in the UK who consider that moment their proudest achievement. 

My role is fast-paced and exciting! Today, I’m taking on new challenges, working on different projects, speaking to new clients. Because I work in retail, I have a very interesting range. In one day I could be talking to a florist, then to a pharmacy and then to a fashion retailer. And I think that’s what I really love about my role. Not only do I get to meet new people and learn about a new industry but I also get to learn about different industries within that.

📌 In what ways did the global pandemic affect your job? How did you overcome difficulties?

I think the hardest thing has been not meeting people face-to-face. A big part of sales is picking up on body language and the general vibe of the person you’re meeting. How you overcome it is you just push through, you have to ask more questions so you have to be sure that you have all the answers that you could possibly need. That might mean being on a call longer than you would normally but ultimately, there’s always a way to adjust. Still, since everyone was in the same boat, It was easier.

Also, I really missed my team A LOT. We made sure to have a team meeting once a week as well as lunch and every two weeks we had a special event like bingo, pictionary, quizzes...We needed to keep that connection that motivates us everyday!

📌 If you could spend a day with anyone - living or dead - in the world, who would you choose and why ?

I’ve always said that I’d love to have a day with my grand-father because I never got to meet him and everyone in my family talks about him with so much respect. He was a doctor in a small village and he saved so many people’s lives. I would love to know what he would make of me. I think it would be amazing to talk about his experience through the war as well.

A slightly less serious answer would be Beyoncé because who doesn’t want to say they’ve met Beyoncé?! 

📌 What are you looking forward to this year?

I’m excited for everything to go back to normal, that’s it for me. Mostly, I’d love to see my friends who’ve had to be shielding. I’d just like to see everyone properly. The perfect day for me with all my friends and family would be everyone having a laugh, around a nice barbecue drinking wine and just having fun.

📌 What’s your favorite thing to do outside of work? 

I like to go to very good restaurants, I like to discover new places and explore new flavors. When i’m not out doing that, you’d find me relaxing at home with my fiancée watching something on TV or playing video games.

📌 You used to do stand-up comedy, will you be making a comeback on the scene in the future? What advice would you give shy people to ace public speeches?

I actually have a yearly gig with my biggest fans which is the…”Stuart Quizz of the Year” at the Off-site. That’s my biggest claim to fame and I would never stop that gig, It’s fantastic! 

I actually have given training to a few different people from the UK office who wanted to learn how to do public speaking. So, if anyone would like any tips or a quick training just reach out to me because I’m always happy to help! 

My best advice is: when you’re about to start talking, look above the heads of everyone and take a deep breath. Then, start talking when you’re ready, speak slowly and relaxed. All you need to do to really make an impact is breathe, relax and stay calm.

I started stand-up comedy when I was at university because I wanted to make some spare money. I entered into a competition, I was up against all of these people who’d been doing this for years and I was the only woman! I ended up getting second place which was super exciting and started getting hired for little jobs here and there. Then, I started doing comparing for burlesque shows which horrified my father until he realized that I wasn’t the one taking my clothes off. I ended up stopping because I got a job and the schedules didn’t align that well.

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