Sustainable Procurement Charter

As part of its commitment to strengthen its ethical commitments and to provide a contractual framework covering all of our relationship, Stuart has implemented a Sustainable Procurement Charter. 

Sustainable procurement is the integration of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles into Stuart’s procurement processes and decisions while ensuring they still meet the requirements of your stakeholders.

Through this Charter, Stuart intends to make our operations more sustainable by:

  • Upholding the laws and regulations of the respective countries we operate in;
  • Endorsing highest standards of economic, social, ethical, and environmental practices;
  • Identifying and moderating risks associated with our procurement process;
  • Communicating the Charter with stakeholders (internal and external) and raising awareness among our suppliers.

In accordance with our commitment to the highest standards, we also expect our suppliers or partners to aspire to the same standards in their business operations.

Commitment to sustainable procurement ensures that Stuart’s core sustainability values are implemented throughout the life cycle of their products and services, helping the long-term viability of the business. 

If you witness or are aware of a behavior or actions that you believe to be in violation of the Charter, you can use the Whistleblowing system available on this website.

🔽 Click here to download Stuart's Sustainable Procurement Charter