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The location is fabulous! The district is very lively with tons of cool restaurants and shops nearby. It’s very central and easily accessible: the Metro Ternes is 2 minutes away and the Station Charles de Gaulle Etoile, one of the main metro/RER hubs in Paris, is just a few blocks away.

So, what do you do with (A LOT) more space?

Attract new talent to build the future of logistics! How, you ask?

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By hosting amazing meetups!

Our cozy agora can welcome up to 70 people. We are happy to provide not only a nice space, but also full tech 📽 and catering support 🍕 🍻 to ensure an incredible experience for all of our guests that come together to share knowledge and ideas.

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Why we love Meetups event and venue

Our first hosted MeetUp Paris Elixir on June 16th was a success! Over 50 people showed up to learn & network with each other and our team.

Why we love Meetups event
stuart team on why we love meetups event
Why we love Meetups event

On July 10th we were very happy to welcome the Paris Ruby Workshop, which featured an exciting night of intense coding and learning.

Why we love Meetups event
Why we love Meetups event
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ProductTank Paris provided us the opportunity to host their event on July 30th that reunited more than 50 Product Managers eager to exchange ideas and experiences about Product Design and User Experience.

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Why we love Meetups event
Why we love Meetups event

We were thrilled to welcome Paris.RB on August 6th. Despite the heat and summer holidays more than 70 Ruby enthusiasts showed up to share some best practices when it comes to adopting new technology.

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Stuart employees at Why we love Meetups event
Why we love Meetups event and attendees

Back-to-school with Paris.API on September 24th who believes API’s are the way to go and so do we! The talk was fully centered on Stuart’s business, tech and of course our API. 🚀

Overall these events enrich both Stuart’s employees’ experience, as well as that of our guests. We love sharing learnings and growth with other enthusiasts — let it be engineers, PMs, marketers… You name it! Now we have the perfect space to host meetups… So keep an eye out for more events!

Keen to be a part of our team? We’re hiring! 🚀 🚲

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