🏡 City: Barcelona ➡️ Dublin ➡️ Madrid ➡️ London 

💼 Job title: VP of People

🎓 Studies: Bachelor in Tourism and hospitality management, completed a course on “Leadership Communication with Impact” at INSEAD Business School

🔮 Languages: Spanish 🇪🇸 Catalan and English 🇬🇧

👣 How do you commute to work: I usually walk or take my bike 🚲

🧳 Travel dreams: I always wanted to go to Japan, and a couple of years ago I was lucky enough to visit it! Namibia and Botswana were also on my list and I visited them last year 💕

🎬 Favorite film: “Big Fish” by Tim Burton

stuart meet the team

📌 What did Stuart look like when you joined?

I joined Stuart in September 2015 when it was still a small start-up. It was such a thrill to join at this time because so many things were changing so fast, the energy was so powerful and we were super excited! I remember that we were sharing the Barcelona office with two other companies and there were times where I would be showing the office to potential candidates while passing people playing ping-pong, others having meetings in the kitchen and even a BBQ event happening on the terrace (something we still do now!) That’s what start-up life is all about, it’s the best kind of hectic!

📌 How did your job evolve over the years? What do you like the most about what you do?

I started out as Office Manager in 2015, I was taking care of HR, facilities, finance and some IT stuff like setting up equipment for new joiners. Out of all of my responsibilities, what I loved the most about my job was the Human Resources part, so, when we grew to having around 80 people in the office, we decided to hire someone to help me and that’s also when I moved fully into a Human Resources role in 2017. After that, I moved to the London office to continue my work from there, became Head of Human Resources in January 2020 and am now VP of People.

I love collaborating with people from all departments and all levels. I see the People role as an enabler of the business, so it's very important for me to maintain fluent communication with everyone. Communicating with a diverse pool of talents allows me to better target our strengths, our areas of improvement and plan where we need to go.

📌 What would you say has been your greatest achievement at Stuart so far?

I’m very proud of our values and how we worked on establishing them. It was a long project that required a lot of preparation and research and I couldn’t be happier that the results match Stuart perfectly as a company and as a team as a whole. We really wanted all employees to be part of the decision making because the values of the company should be aligned with the company’s spirit and who better to talk about this than the employees themselves? So, during our most recent offsite in Formentera last year, our teams from all over the world came together and, with the help of the workshops we prepared, brought to life Stuart’s brand new company values. 

We reflected on our mistakes from the past and why those values didn’t fit with who we are. This allowed us to shape the future and redefine our company culture. The values are one of my proudest achievements because they will remain in the company, hopefully, forever and they will have a huge impact on how we do things and behave towards each other.

📌 What aspects of Stuart’s evolution are you most proud of?

We’ve grown fast, but in a very consolidated way and we are now a team of 600+ people at Stuart! We’ve kept the same energy and vibe that we had when there were only 40 employees. We share the same values and we are super proud that no matter when a person joins Stuart, they still have that feeling of belonging from day one. 

We have also managed to keep the employees’ interests at heart by providing them with the best benefits and experience, like our engagement initiatives, the Stuart Academy lunch allowance, gym membership coverage, sports lessons, as well as our Mental Health Program that we launched in 2019. We keep on finding new ways to support our employees in the best way possible as we keep on growing.

📌 What are the next steps in terms of Human Resources at Stuart?

We’ve come a long way since the beginning of Stuart. For me, one of the main priorities for a People department, and especially in a company with such extreme growth, is on one hand, to make sure that our processes scale at the same pace (or even faster!) of our teams, and on the other hand, that we support our team members in their personal and professional development and wellbeing, and of course, to ensure that we keep up our company culture!

Currently, amongst other projects, we’re very motivated by the development of our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Program, where we are doing extensive research on best practices by talking with external and internal stakeholders.

Another project as part of our objectives is to keep engaging all employees with our values. Due to Covid-19, we have needed to adapt and adjust how we plan activities across countries, so our focus has been finding a way to bring these events to life for our long-term objectives. Coming up: our 2022 offsite!

📌 If you had to do it all over again, what would you change about your career at Stuart?

I’m very proud of how my career has evolved. I started out as an office manager which is a very important role and is something that allowed me to set actions to build our company culture. I have been lucky to grow into a more robust role where I can carry out similar missions with a greater impact. I have been part of the teams’ growth and I’m very proud of everything they’ve done and what we’ve achieved together.

📌 What do you miss most about Spain now that you live in London?

What I miss the most is my family ❤️. And about the country, I definitely miss the weather! But I love living in London, I like the energy, the people, the diversity, and as I’m a music lover, I love the fact that you can listen to live music anywhere because there are so many concerts all over the city every day!

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