🏡 City: Monterrey ➡️ Barcelona ➡️ Toulouse ➡️ Paris

💼 Job title: Senior Brand Designer

🎓 Studies: Master degree in Graphic Design at Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Diseño Arte AC

🔮 Language: English 🇬🇧, Spanish 🇪🇸 & French 🇫🇷

👣 How do you commute at work: As I live a little bit far from Stuart office, I come to work by scooter but when the weather is good, I love to walk back from work through the streets of Paris even if it takes me an hour

🧳Travel dreams: Japan 🇯🇵 & Argentina 🇦🇷

meet the team stuart paris
When in Paris

📌 Why did you move to France from Mexico? And how did you come across Stuart?

At the end of my studies in Mexico, I went to Barcelona to study at ELISAVA a great school of design, where I met a lot of French people. I liked them so much that I decided I wanted to know more about their culture. That year, I traveled to Paris, I was in awe! It was the most beautiful city I'd ever seen - and I was living in Barcelona so It’s hard to top that! I thought about living a little bit in France but I had no idea how I could do it, it seemed impossible. Then, I saw there was an opportunity to come for one year in France with a Visa “Vacances-Travail”. This agreement between Mexico and France, allows young people to spend a year abroad traveling and working. Before arriving in France, I looked all over Linkedin for job opportunities. It was hard because I didn’t know French at all and then I stumbled upon Stuart. The offer said “We want you to speak english but if you know Spanish we’ll love you more” it was meant to be for me. I applied without any hopes and they called me 30 minutes after with a Skype interview in English! I fell in love with Paris, with Stuart and with my team and now I’ve been living here for more than 2 years and I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.

become a courier
This was during a photo shoot for Stuart

📌 What qualities and skills should a great brand designer have?

 I would say “ vision” is fundamental - a good brand designer has to have sharp eyes to look at things differently. We get briefs, missions, little descriptions and we have to put it thoughtfully in our visuals in creative ways. On the other hand, one of the most important skills is the ability and knowledge to know how to make our design functional. We have to understand that we are not artists, what we make should be functional and attractive. It is not always simple to make something creative, functional, beautiful and respecting the brief at the same time. I think that being a graphist is a little bit about both - talent and skills. The qualities a good designer should have are: creativity, organisation, open-mindedness but also patience to learn all the skills and have a strong basis. The one thing that I’m sure of is that nothing teaches like experience. 

📌 What project are you most proud of?

My biggest pride is the Stuart blog! It’s a project in which I worked from its conception all the way to go-live, both on the web design and art direction. I still remember the feeling I had after seeing it live, it was such a satisfactory moment to know that I contributed to this project, that my work was being put forward! I’d created 44 illustrations at that moment for the blog and I was so happy, now I think I must have done more than 80 for the blog only! 

Illustration process of a blog asset

📌 What’s your ultimate bucket list goal?

My goal is to do yoga teacher training! This is one of my biggest passions and I would like to evolve in this matter to be able to share it with others. Another one would be, in the far future, to be able to live from my art either watercolor or digital. I’m still trying to find a personal style that will lead me to it.

📌 What has been your biggest challenge at Stuart so far? And how did you overcome it?

My biggest challenge must have been when I volunteered to create illustrations for the Product team - I had been in the company for just a week. They had been looking for a freelancer for a while but couldn't find the right fit, so I asked and they said I could try. I wanted to prove my worth to myself and to them. I’ve always loved illustrations but had never done one before that very moment. I had to prepare, I spent a lot of time finding my style by watching tutorials on how to illustrate and in the end, thanks to the support of my manager and my team, I managed to do it. Now, we use illustrations for so many different things in the company for our blog, website, presentations, office announcements, internal communications, etc. It’s so great to be able to see my creations a bit everywhere!

📌 If you could only read one book or see one movie for the rest of your life, what would it be?

There’s this book I read called “The Untethered Soul” by Michael Alan Singer, I think I would definitely be happy reading this book over and over again - I’ve actually read it several times already - and for the movie, I think I’d choose Interstellar or Inglourious Basterds because they’re just the best!

📌 What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love art, not only do I love to paint watercolor portraits but I also love to admire art, I love surrealism since for me the only thing I can paint is “realistic” portraits. Surrealism is something that makes me dream and my favorite painter is Magritte.

Watercolor portrait by Kathya

I also love architecture so living in a city like Paris is just surreal! Every time I walk through the streets I try to remind myself that I’m actually living here and it’s not a dream. I also love yoga, I love the mindful connection that the body has with the mind and I love the physical challenges it brings.

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