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Driving your competitive edge

Your customers have more choice than ever. Meet their sky-high expectations using Stuart's intuitive B2B platform.

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Stuart's platform is flexible to meet the needs of your business model

Stuart provides both solutions for brick and mortar retailers and a same day option for ecommerce businesses through our network of urban hubs.

Grow your business with automated deliveries

With Stuart’s powerful API, your business can easily add on-demand delivery to its checkout. Let customers pick their delivery time, edit their location, and track their stuff in real time.

“We are very happy to partner with Stuart. Our customers desire more convenience with the ability to choose delivery slots that suit them. To ensure total satisfaction Zalando and Stuart are constantly working hard to master every element of the customer journey.”
Delphine Mousseau, VP Markets

Quality is paramount

Whether fashion or flowers, grocery or electronics, and everything in between, Stuart is your representative at the customer's door, ensuring that your products are delivered with care and precision.

“The experience of shopping at your local grocery store has never been easier thanks to our collaboration with Stuart. Our clients can quickly go online, purchase their favourite ingredients and have them sent to their doorstep in under an hour.”
Antoine Creuzet, E-commerce Director

Multidrop functionality for maximum efficiency

Pricing is based on distance, from pickup to drop off, driving down the price per drop. Track all deliveries through a live tracking feature to ensure maximum results.

“Thanks to Stuart, we can offer a modern and quick delivery experience with real time tracking for all of our clients.”
Gilles Raison, Managing Director France
ALLO Resto

We don’t mind you taking us for a ride

We know last-mile delivery is a make-or-break component for large enterprises. Stuart can design free, no-headache trials so you can see how Stuart performs for your business.

“A solid trial with Stuart’s delivery fleet led to a speedy, hassle free integration”
Nam Tran, Chief Technology Officer
The Kooples

Get the VIP treatment

Delivery is where the rubber meets the road. Dedicated tech-support gives you the white-glove treatment you deserve, with dedicated help to make sure that if something goes wrong, it won’t last long!

“The team is incredibly responsive. If there is a glitch, they are always on hand to help!"
Pierre-Yves Escarpit, Head of Customer Experience

Delight your developers

Build an incredible customer experience by integrating with Stuart’s. Our API is robust,scalable and flexible. With a few lines of code you can open up a world of possibility

“The API integration with Stuart took only 3 days and with the help of their their integration team, it was a very smooth process. We rely heavily on this e-commerce feature to increase our market traction.”
Olivier Loverde, Chief Technology Officer

Go ahead

Start powering your deliveries with Stuart today

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