Stuwie Protect offers free-market leading insurance cover that considers the whole courier experience and gives you additional security while delivering with Stuart. Your welfare is vital and it's important to us that you get great cover.

    The main policy benefits:

    ✅ Sickness and Income Protection Insurance (includes family leave, compassionate leave) 

    ✅ Wellness Cover Insurance (includes Digital GP, Digital Physio, Mental health and Family support services)

    ✅ Accidents and Injury Insurance (includes Disablement cover, dental injury cover, accident-related hospital expenses, etc.) 

    To read more infomration about all the benefits and eligibility criteria for Stuwie Protect, visit this Stuwie Protect Help Centre Article

    “Your cover with Stuwie Protect is 100% free - we’ve partnered directly with Collective Benefits to provide you with these protections and wellness products.”

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    How to make a claim with Stuwie Protect?

    All claims for Stuwie Protect are handled online, through the Stuwie Protect portal.

    1. First, sign in (or sign up if you haven’t already) to your Stuwie Protect account, using the same email address you use for Stuart.
    2. Select the type of insurance you want to make a claim for (e.g. sickness, digital GP, accident).
    3. Provide evidence to support your claim to ensure that your claim is processed correctly and as quickly as possible.
    4. That’s all! Submit your claim, and receive a confirmation email soon after.

    You can view more information on how to make a claim by visiting our help centre guide to make a claim with Stuwie Protect.

    If you are claiming for an accident that happened before 25th August 2022, please follow this process and make a claim with Chubb.

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