We’ve partnered with Chubb to offer you accident and income protection that covers you while delivering with Stuart. Even though we hope you never need to make a claim, if you do have an accident while delivering with Stuart, you will not need to worry about the consequence on your earnings.

The main policy benefits are:

  • Counselling and other telephone helpline services free of charge: Help identifying and managing stress, legal advice, personal tax advice, medical advice and bereavement advice
  • Income protection following a temporary disablement: If you have an accident when delivering and subsequently can't work, you can claim for up to 21 days lost income based on your average earnings.
  • Hospital stay: £100 per overnight stay in hospital - up to a maximum of £1,500
  • Legal costs and expenses following accidental bodily injury caused by a third party: up to £5,000
  • Serious injury: If you are injured or suffer permanent disability from an accident whilst working with Stuart, you can claim for up to £50,000 depending on the type and severity of your injury.

Your cover with Chubb is 100% free - we’ve partnered with Chubb directly to provide you with this protection. There’s no need to opt in — all eligible courier partners are protected by the insurance, at no cost to you.

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Download the policy here

When am I covered?

  • During a slot that you attend

  • Off-slot, while on an active delivery

  • For 30 minutes after any completed delivery

I’ve had an accident, how do I make a claim?

  • If you have had a road accident while delivering you should immediately call 999 (depending on the severity of the accident).

  • Once you are able to, please contact our Support team and let them know you had an accident and are not able to continue. If you require your CPS to be validated, our Support team may request some proof of the incident.

  • If you need to make a claim with Chubb for income protection compensation following an accident, follow the guidance here.

Make a claim

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