We're serious about building the best platform for couriers.


When Stuart was founded in 2015, we set out to shake up the last-mile delivery industry. We’re all about creating a positive impact for the climate, our courier partners, clients and communities alike.

We’ve seen the business transform in recent years, from expanding into new countries, partnering with new Stuwies, serving more clients than ever before and delivering packages in their millions. Just this year we launched into further cities across the UK and delivered our first packages in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

None of this would be possible without incredible courier partners like you. Your experience is at the core of what we do, and a crucial part of our mission to build a more sustainable world.

As we continue to evolve, we want to make the time you spend delivering with Stuart better and better but we know we have further to go. We aim to provide the best and fairest opportunities and experience in the industry, whilst always having the Stuwie experience in mind. Today, we’re more focused than ever on our mission to be the platform of choice for couriers. We can’t wait to share what we achieve here over the next months and years.

Stuart HQ

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