As we continue to grow, we want to do our best to make Stuart the platform of choice for couriers and your feedback is the most important driver of change. There are lots of ways you can share feedback with us, and we’re working behind the scenes to make sure every comment is heard.

  • You can speak directly to our team through StuChats, to join the sessions, look out for our weekly StuChat email. For more information, visit our dedicated Help Center page
  • Give feedback in the app by reporting your experience during a delivery or answering an in-app satisfaction survey every 3 weeks.
  • Rate any live chat you have with us, helping our dedicated team to improve your Support experience.
  • We’ll also be running regular check-in surveys throughout 2022 to hear your views on specific topics. You can also join focus groups to help us learn about your experience as a courier. 

See you out there.

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