At Stuart, sustainability means having a positive impact on both our environment and the courier community. Though an ambitious task, we are confident that we will achieve it through guided principles, various initiatives and collaboration. Together, we will build logistics for a sustainable world.

Courier welfare 

The welfare of couriers is important to us and we are guided by 4 key principles

Stuwie Perks 

We’ve partnered with Collective Benefits to bring you great discounts and deals. Since the beginning of 2022, Stuwies have accessed over 15,000 deals on the platform, from Just Eat to Currys PC World to Airbnb and more. 

Savings: In 2022, Stuwies spent over £126,000 through the Perks platform, saving £9,500 across brands. 

Our Stuwie perks also extend to events designed to better the courier experience on and off the road. Collective Benefits host a variety of events throughout the year to support you on your courier journey.



New clients and client expansion is an important part of our business and contributes towards our commitment to being the best platform for couriers. More clients means more delivery opportunities for you.

We have had great new clients come on board during the first half of 2022, from fashion with Abercrombie and Fitch, to dinner with Virtual Dining Concepts and Papa John’s.

In addition to new clients, some of your current favourites have expanded their offering with us. We’ve launched hundreds of new locations with Pets at Home, Tesco and Co-op and expanded in new cities in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Sustainability - environment

At Stuart, our mission is to build logistics for a sustainable world. We work hard towards doing our bit for the environment and part of that is to reduce our fleet's carbon emissions.


Building logistics for a sustainable world includes encouraging you, our couriers, to switch to environmentally friendly vehicles. We are committed to helping you make the switch without compromising on vehicle range, the number of jobs and overall earnings.

We had a few pilot initiatives in London designed to help us understand the support you need to make the switch to an environmentally friendly vehicle easier and more affordable. 


  • Allows you to rent an electric moped weekly for £65 a week, all-inclusive of insurance and servicing. 


  • Vok electric cargo bikes are 4-wheeled, have assisted pedalling, travel 25km/h and can hold up to 4 Stuart thermal bags in one trip. They are excellent for larger and stacked orders.
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