Be prepared

When heading out to deliver, preparedness is key. Remember to pack your essential kit and check the weather before you hit the road.

  • Jacob in Bristol says: “Before starting work, always make sure you have a full battery on your phone and definitely get a power bank. Make sure your equipment is clean, and you’re prepared for the weather (waterproofs are a must!). Other essentials are a bottle of water, hand sanitiser and face mask.”

  • Nazeefullah in London says: “When working with Stuart, always be prepared when going to work. For example, keep your phone fully charged, bring an extra power bank and check the weather.” 

In addition, we advise that you always check carefully that your vehicle is in a good condition before leaving. If something’s not right, book in a repair with a qualified mechanic.

Courier cycling on a cobbled street

Be safe! 

Stuart takes your safety very seriously. As an independent courier, there are steps you can take to care for yourself and others.

  • Chris in London says “Always lock your bike or vehicle when collecting or dropping off! It's not worth the 10 seconds you save.
  • George in Exeter also says: “Always secure your bike when you enter a venue, even if you can see it through the window!”

  • Justin in Sheffield says: “Get one of those retractable key reels. Put your bike/lock keys on there to save you from digging into your pockets every time you have to unlock your bike. Also, you can get a phone lanyard and put your phone around your neck to stop you from dropping it.”
    • Lucas in Leeds says: “Wrap up warm on night shifts, it can get chilly when waiting for deliveries!”

    Your safety is our number one priority, and you can find more support on our Help Centre.

    Courier cycling on a London street

    Deliver a friendly service

    • Nazeefullah also says: “When delivering a customer's food, treat the package as if it’s your food. Always greet the customer with a smile and always always be polite to them. Have fun and enjoy the work!”
    • Jennifer from Sheffield says: “Talk and wave to other drivers working alongside you. It's friendly and it makes the job more fun!” 

    Customers and clients will appreciate your friendly service, and you might even make someone’s day!

    Get to know the local area

    Getting to know your local area can save you time and help maximise your earnings.

    • Richard in Cambridge says “Positioning yourself in a delivery zone closer to client restaurants, supermarkets and shops can take you further than you’d imagine”.
    • Sudhan in Liverpool says “Get to know the main client stores, how busy it is, and where you will take your breaks. Make sure you check that the address on the app corresponds to the navigation (like Google or Waze) you’re using.”
    • Michael in Hull says “When you get a delivery, double-check the customer address and customer notes (just below the delivery address) before setting off so you have all the info you need. Call the customer to confirm before setting off if the addresses are different.”
    • Scott in Newcastle says: “Make sure you go to the right restaurant! I remember when I first started, it went to the wrong Greggs in the same area and had to be corrected by the staff that I was at the wrong address. Always double-check the restaurant address before setting off.”

    Want to learn more about getting started with Stuart? We’ve written more on our Help Centre and share regular advice in our Handy Tips newsletter. 

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