After just 10 months on YouTube, Jay has racked up more than 1 million views on his videos. From “How to deliver drinks without spilling them!” to “Delivering in a pumpkin costume for Halloween!”, we’ve quickly become fans of Jay’s channel.

Your content clearly resonates with people, how would you describe what the channel is all about? 

“I started making my own videos primarily as a resource for couriers to improve and to find the information they're looking for. People will come to my channel looking for the information that I needed when I was learning the ropes. I want to improve everything I'm doing so that I can be as fast and efficient as possible - if you do that you'll be rewarded for it.” 

Jay riding through Nottingham

Watching Jay deliver is surprisingly relaxing. I spent some time before our interview watching “Delivering with Stuart during breakfast”.

“That’s actually how I'm feeling. It just felt so relaxing to do it myself, so it comes out on the video as well. Some people have told me they’ve started watching my videos as a sort of therapy. I’ve had people comment saying, I watch your videos just before I go to bed because it helps me to relax! I had someone contact me saying that when they watch the videos and see how I interact with everyone, they feel that positive energy.”

What was delivering like during the start of the pandemic?

“I actually applied for Stuart around that period of time, in April I think. I had been travelling and teaching English in Vietnam, and then the pandemic started. Everyone back home was saying we think you should come here. So I came home, and I was out of work for about three, four months. That was weird!”

“I had some friends who delivered on other platforms and seemed so happy to do it. So I was like, yeah, I need to do something like this, I need to try this out. I was curious. And Stuart was the first platform to come back to me and actually, the onboarding process for me was really quick.”

Applying to join the Stuart courier community is easy and offers complete flexibility in choosing when and when you work. There’s no one type of courier - everyone has their own story and reason for working in the role. Our partners are a community of awesome, friendly people from a huge range of different backgrounds.

“I got the email about four days before I started and I got my bag really quickly. I was ready to go. As soon as I did my first delivery, I was like, I love this. For me, it was the realisation that I was actually riding my bike and making money. I can actually, you know, sustain my living doing this and a bit more.”

Jay's videos show deliveries from the courier perspective

You sometimes meet people who watch your videos on the road. Do you get a sense of community between riders on different platforms? 

“That’s a good question. The community is always changing, because of the nature of the work, people are coming on and off the platform all the time. So there are people that you've been seeing around for a long time, and eventually, over time, you start chatting with them and you definitely get a sense of community. Across the different platforms, it really doesn't matter which platform you're on, you're all doing similar work.”

What do you like about the Stuart platform compared to other platforms? What are we getting right?

“You’re getting a lot right. First of all, the earnings are great. Like today, for example, it was a 1.3x multiplier so I was earning more per delivery.”

The multiplier is one of our Stuart reward systems that boosts delivery fees. When a multiplier is active, delivery fees are increased, meaning higher earning potential at busy times.

“Sometimes orders aren't as frequent as the other companies, but you’re paying based on my experience a pound to two pounds more per delivery. I earn even more on peak days, so the earnings are really good.”

“I get the sense that Stuart cares about us. For example, when I would be on delivery and have a problem, I'd contact support, and it was just so friendly and fast. And then when I've emailed Stuart in the past, I get a response pretty quickly and it's a friendly and helpful response. I could sense that you guys are actually caring and that's huge for me because I think this can be one of the biggest issues in this economy.”

Jay also wanted me to know how much he likes our equipment.

“I love it. The bag and the jacket are such good quality, I've got an extra bag in the shed. I don’t want to be without it in the future! Not only is it a fantastic bag, but it also looks really good.”

Do you have any standout experiences with customers or clients? 

“Honestly, every time I go out on my bike, I enjoy every single moment. I really enjoy every aspect of delivering and whenever I'm on my bike doing deliveries, especially when working with Stuart because I know I'm getting paid for it as well.”

What advice would you give to couriers who are new to Stuart? 

“The first thing I tell them is to watch my videos! A lot of people watch my videos because they’re new. One of my best performing videos got 120,000 views, it's how to do your first delivery for a different platform, but the same concept applies. 

“Watching just my Stuart videos, people can start to see what it looks like and they start becoming less concerned or anxious about doing it. If you're the kind of person who's nervous about doing their first delivery, or starting or even applying you'll get a good idea of what it's like and not feel worried at all.”

“All it takes is one delivery and your whole mindset will change. You'll start to think, oh, that that was pretty straightforward. Some people view me as the kind of, I guess, expert or guide in some kind of way. But I was nervous as well, it's normal with anything you're trying to learn. You’ll enjoy it. I'm pretty sure most people enjoy it once they've done the first delivery because they'll realise how good it is.”

You can watch Jay’s videos on YouTube right here.

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