🏡 City:  Paris ➡️ London ➡️ Paris ➡️ Paris/Bandol

💼 Job title: Head of Talent Development

🎓 Studies: Marketing and Communications at Celsa Sorbonne

🔮 Languages: French 🇫🇷, English 🇬🇧, a bit of German 🇩🇪

👣 How do you commute to work? I wish I could say I walk but I live a bit too far away from the office so I take the tube 

✈️ Travel dreams: Anywhere in the world with gorgeous nature

📚 Favorite book: The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran 

📌 What did Stuart look like when you joined back in 2016?

We were 70 employees when I joined Stuart, this was before the company was acquired by Geopost, and I think the experience was very much one you would expect from a startup: pingpong table in the middle of the open space, brainstorming session outputs on the walls, and a lot of hard-working people committed to making a difference in the logistics industry for a more sustainable future. As we grow towards a more corporate size of company and we put more structure in place, I am proud to say that the best parts of our culture, including the passion and the entrepreneurial mindset, remain.

 📌 How did your role evolve over the years?

 I joined Stuart as the first in-house recruiter leading hiring operations for all the countries (three at the time) and departments. I then grew into a Head of Talent Acquisition role, and hired the first members of our global Talent Acquisition team. After 3 years and as I am passionate about learning and people development, I built a business case for a Talent Development department which we didn’t have at the time and that I believed would bring a lot of value both at an individual and organisational level. Thankfully this idea has been approved, I now lead this department and am looking forward to growing my team.  

 📌 What's one achievement you're particularly proud of?

I am very proud of designing and running Stuart Academy, which is our internal learning academy. As part of this, we offer targeted soft skills training (this year we’ll focus on a few main skills company-wide: personal effectiveness, communication/collaboration, and project management), an ambassador programme, an internal mentoring programme, people manager and leadership curriculums, etc. Our approach to Talent Development is business-driven, meaning that we aim for driving business results and supporting strategic objectives through our different initiatives. The projects have been very popular so far and received great feedback from all levels of stakeholders. 

📌 In your opinion, what are the mandatory soft skills people need to have in fast-growing environments?

 Being a fast-learner and having a growth-mindset is definitely critical for both managers and individual contributors to be successful in any fast-growing company. Having a growth mindset is about believing that with effort and dedication you can develop your abilities to outstanding levels, and this is the underlying assumption we had when designing the Stuart Academy! 

I would also say that communication and the ability to effectively collaborate across departments are super important skills for effective team work, which is the foundation of any flourishing organisation. 

📌 What do you like doing in your free time? 

I can think of 3 main things: connecting with the people I love, spending time in nature, and doing some kind of art. A perfect day would probably involve a combination of the three! I am known for asking a lot of questions to people, I am very curious and enjoy having deep and meaningful conversations with others. I also absolutely need nature and some of the happiest moments in my life involve some kind of hiking with a breathtaking view! Finally I have a creative mind, I’ve been practicing all kinds of arts already and intend to continue doing so. And, well, in addition to all of this… I practice meditation daily. I could spend hours explaining how this practice has improved my life both personally and professionally, and there is tons of research about the benefits for the brain, but in a nutshell this is one of the most powerful development tools I know!

📌 If you had one book to take with you on a deserted island, which one would it be?

My favourite book, that I would happily take with me on a deserted island, is The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran. These words of wisdom and beauty elevate my soul, which is probably the kind of experience I would aim for in such context, to complement a wonderful sea view! 

📌 What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

“Life is a process of creation, not a process of discovery.” I take this advice very seriously and am deeply engaged in the process of creation of my own life! I have a vision for what I want to achieve in the next 30 years, which brings me a lot of joy and inspiration, as I am confident I will accomplish everything on the list!

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