🏡 City: Barcelona 

💼 Job title: Lead IT Support Engineer

🎓 Studies: CFGS Develop of applications and some certifications as CCNA and I’m preparing my Python certification

🔮 Languages: Spanish 🇪🇸 Catalan and English 🇬🇧

👣 How do you commute at work? I take public transportations mostly bus and train

🧳 Travel dreams: I hope to someday travel to the Blizzcon in the USA

🎬 Favorite film: Star Wars! Because ever since I can remember, this film has accompanied me 

Albert Canelles IT Stuart

📌 What made you get into technical support? 

One of my GFGS teachers told me that one of the best ways to start in the tech world is to be in Support. One of the reasons is that you can learn a lot of things, solve issues and put your technical knowledge in practice. During my studies, I wanted to be a programmer but starting as support gave me the feeling that I want to continue in this profession. I want to help people on a daily basis and it allowed me to do just that.

I joined Stuart after working a few years at Amazon because I loved the idea of being in a green technology company. I admire the fact that Stuart gives all employees the chance to grow on a professional and personal level. I love Stuart’s atmosphere, it’s open, friendly, everyone is open-minded and motivates you to learn more.

📌 What does your typical day look like?

On a daily-basis, I solve issues and figure out how to prevent them from happening. I solve problems with user accounts, hardware and other issues that our employees face every day. At the same time, I try to improve the office tech system to simplify and make my colleagues’ work more efficient. My mission is to empower the company with good and practical equipment. I also manage all requests related to the hardware, software, licenses and more. I upgrade installations, laptops, monitors and other things for Stuart employees. But my priority is to solve tickets as fast as possible because it ensures the good functioning of the company.      

📌 What tools do you use? How does it help your team's productivity?

Jumpcloud is our domain controller, its main purpose is to apply the same policy to all computers: same configuration for devices, same restrictions for USB, etc. It helps me standardise the configuration of all our devices knowing that at Stuart we have Mac, Windows and Linux which don’t function in the same way. 

When you start a brand new laptop you can create a profile for the user and assign the profile to the laptop easily with Jumpcloud. Automatically, the user can start working and we control who can use the laptop and set some limits. We can manage users and even deactivate them remotely, mostly on Macs. We use Jira to receive issue notifications but also to create new projects. The whole team can see, track and work on issues with information about timing, context and more. When users have problems on their laptop, we mainly use Anydesk to solve the issue remotely. A very central tool for our work is GSuite, the Google suite of applications that includes Gmail, Calendar, Google Meet, etc. 

📌 Is technical knowledge or customer service more important?

My job is to find a balance between solving issues but also respecting security and technical requirements. It isn’t always possible to satisfy requests because the system has some limits or it can be because of Stuart’s security system. The opinion of customer service is very important but it can’t force you to break security rules, that’s why it’s sometimes necessary to say NO and find the right balance. 

📌 What new technologies are planned to be deployed at Stuart?

I like to be up-to-date with all tech news to increase the technical side of Stuart’s office, for that I take my time every week to follow the Elotrolado and Media Vida. Before deploying a new technology or tool, I test it in a temporary server and I decide if it’s helpful for Stuart employees. I then think about the strategy of rolling it out. Currently, in order to help the offices without a physical IT support, we are developing a Deploying System, to directly install Windows 10 or IOS in the new laptops with all the basic apps used in Stuart like Slack, Jumpcloud, Bitdefender, etc. When the deployment system process will be finished, our employees will be able to directly use laptops which will already be registered in all the basic Stuart systems. This Deploying System doesn’t need any human help and will simplify the arrival of new employees, especially for those who work remotely or in the offices where there is no IT support. We’ve just completed the concept, we’re testing it and we’re at the last step before launching it.

📌 What interesting challenges has the team been solving recently?

There are so many interesting challenges at Stuart! Recently, we’ve deployed the streaming system to be able to record and stream in real time our All-hands and Meetups in Full HD. This system is used in Stuart frequently, during All-hands and Weekly Meetings but it also helps communication between offices and many remote employees. As we welcome many different Meetups in our Paris office, thanks to the streaming system we can easily make a live stream for all employees who wish to participate. Pretty cool, right!

📌 What have you learned so far since joining Stuart?

I had never used technologies like GSuite or Jumpcloud! It's always good to learn new things and use new tools. We are testing the possibility to switch to different and more developed tools than Jumpcloud because Stuart is growing so fast and we need to step-up our efficiency game! Also, one of the great things about working at Stuart is that I have the chance to build a team of talented people and to design our system from the ground up!

man and woman in japan in front of the sights
Japan travel

📌 What do you like to do in your free time? Do you have any hobbies? 

I love traveling to different countries but i’d rather spend my time in one place and really get to know the culture and surroundings than run everywhere to get the most out of every little thing. I just got back from Porto in Portugal, it was so relaxing! My wife and I tried amazing restaurants and really loved discovering colorful streets. One of my travel dreams was to go to Japan and it came true! Last February, I had the magical experience to celebrate my marriage with my wife in my dream country. Incredible experience!

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