Last Mile Collaboration

This month we ran our third exclusive retail breakfast event in collaboration with Parcelly, where we inaugurated our partnership in front of a room of 40 retailers, introducing our new and innovative Hub-to-Home solution.

Stuart and Parcelly introduce last-mile collaboration

Our partnership with Parcelly is the result of our aligned desires to make last mile delivery within urban areas more efficient and more sustainable. Together we developed a way to leverage both of our areas of expertise and connect the journey from the distribution centre all the way to the end customer.

By connecting Parcelly’s hyper-local warehouses to Stuart’s on-demand courier platform, we empower retailers to optimise fulfilment routes and offer customers on-demand, green deliveries.

Our offering features two revolutionary fulfilment models:

  1. Hyper-Local Warehousing, which allows retail inventory to be stocked in Parcelly hubs, shortening delivery distances and enabling Same Hour, Same Day and Next Day scheduled delivery slots fulfilled by Stuart.
  2. Cross Docking on the other hand is when a Parcelly hub holds a delivery for a limited time, acting as the connector between the DC and last mile. Once goods are brought into the urban centre, they are stored in the hub for long enough to enable for Same Day delivery and returns through Stuart.

Both services allow us to take a step further into the future of logistics, providing what Parcelly CEO has dubbed a ‘smart warehousing cloud’ that offers retail customers increased speed, flexibility and operational excellence across the fulfilment process.

Sebastian Steinhauser, CEO at Parcelly: “Retailers getting it right can expect 15–30% sales increase while providing more control to their customers through improved delivery options. It has never been easier to collaborate and to test or try an additional service proposition without the need of cost- and time-consuming integrations. Trying to compete with Amazon Prime does not seem to be an option. Instead, retailers should accept this new environment and the respective service options as standards consumer expect. With our hyper-local warehousing and on-demand delivery solution, any retailer can offer Prime today.

Nicole Mazza, Commercial Director at Stuart: “The event allowed us to share our newest developments with retailers on this innovative solution and give them the competitive edge within the evolving retail space. With an ever-growing awareness on the consumers’ part to use services that promote a more sustainably-driven model, as well as the desire to receive goods on-demand and quickly, means that retailers need to be able to offer solutions in order to retain customer loyalty. Exciting options at check out, such as 15-minute slots for scheduled returns, are services which meet and exceed customer expectations, helping retailers stand out from the crowd. With hyper-local warehousing and cross docking we enable businesses to offer competitive services to their customers — and together with Parcelly — solve the urban logistics challenge of getting products to customers quicker and more efficiently.”

Stuart employee introducing last-mile delivery

This solution is something both teams are incredibly excited about. It allows us to enable retailers to meet consumers’ demands, streamlining their fulfilment processes without the organisational and financial overhead.

Thank you to the Parcelly team for their help in building this solution and for co-hosting this event with us! And if you want to get in touch to find out more, please email us.

Stuart and Parcelly teams introduce last-mile collaboration
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