“A solution for tradespeople, designed by a tradesperson”

Snap-It is an innovative app, making 30 minute on demand deliveries of required supplies for tradespeople a reality. It brings merchants, tradespeople and consumers together in one platform, optimising the experience for everyone. With nearly 100 merchants currently on the app, including national brands and independents, there is access to boiler parts, boilers, bathroom & toilet fittings and much, much more.

Snap-It founder, Viktor, who has 15 years’ experience in the plumbing industry, seized a gap in the market. He recognised the time consuming process of finding utility parts, which in some instances would take over 2 hours to hunt down. Why is this an issue? Inefficiency. While his team was out queuing for parts, they were losing billable hours, revenue and quality time with customers.

“If you haven't used Snap-It yet then get involved. They have saved me during emergencies by getting me boiler parts the same day!” - A happy customer

By partnering with on demand experts, Stuart, Snap-It were able to solve this issue, by supplying plumbing professionals with a service that would allow them to receive parts in ~30 minutes. Not only does this service allow for happier trade professionals, but it also allows for end-customers to see immediate fixes and resolutions, getting their hot water back on demand. Over the last 12 months of the partnership, the volume of Snap-It’s on-demand deliveries fulfilled by Stuart's fleet of courier partners has grown by close to 40x. 

An integrated app experience 

The entire consumer journey is completed via the Snap-It app, which is seamlessly integrated with Stuart. The app locates the closest merchant store that holds the desired part to the closest Stuart courier, connecting them instantly. It’s the precision and simplicity that makes this service truly unique. 

 This is completed in a three step process:

  1. Orders are placed on the app and the closest merchant is notified
  2. Merchants accept orders on their Snap-It tablet and prepare for collection, whilst a courier is assigned
  3. One of our courier partners collects the order from the merchant and delivers it to the tradesperson 

The app allows for either on demand or scheduled delivery options, facilitating the flexibility aspect that both customers and tradespeople love. 70% of consumers surveyed want more flexible delivery options at checkout, which Stuart allows retailers to provide. 

The three stakeholders: merchants, tradespeople & customers

The efficiency of this service benefits not one, not two, but three integral stakeholders. Firstly, the merchants have unlocked an online audience who can now view their products in real-time on a marketplace-like setting. Secondly, tradespeople have access to a wide variety of parts that can be delivered in record timing, removing the headache of entertaining supply runs and their customer retention and referrals are boosted via their enhanced customer service. Lastly, the tradespeople’s customers, who would usually have to wait days, if not weeks, to have their beloved boiler fixed when a part was not accessible - that part now arrives in an instant, solving their household issue in a flash.

The Snap-It proposition also benefits the Stuart courier partner fleet, allowing them to experience demand outside of the peak food times throughout the day. 

"By partnering with Stuart, who have a fleet covering multiple postcodes, we’ve been able to quickly and efficiently service our customers, both merchants and tradespeople. Our partnership has supported our growth across London and reduced the amount of tradespeople’s vans on the road, as we use more scooters and bicycles which is great for the environment too." Harry Tyndall, CRO at Snap-It

Snap-It has pinpointed a pain point in the market that tradespeople value enormously. Speed, precision and convenience is the new delivery normal, promoting efficiency in the workplace. 10 years ago a service like this would have been unimaginable. Now, 65% of consumers would pay more for faster delivery. Take Damian for example, who said:

“Snap-It delivered a commercial boiler part in a day when everyone else said 3-5 days. Now I completed the installation, the restaurant can open!”

Join the movement and make the unimaginable, a reality. Chat to our team to find out more ➡️ here

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