Same day delivery and precise collection of Covid tests across London

Sustainable delivery specialists Stuart have partnered with health technology company Prenetics to deliver and collect tests on the same day across Greater London, up to the M25, using Stuart’s Hub to Home service.

Prenetics is a major global diagnostics and genetic testing company whose Project Screen COVID-19 testing programme has played a major part in getting people back to the office, travel and to sports and leisure activities.

They have been providing both PCR and Lateral Flow tests ordered from their website with same day evening delivery and, as well as offering collection of PCR samples from the end customer at any location within London M25, making it convenient and simple, with three short collection windows per day.

Sustainability and convenience for everyone 

Tests can be ordered for same day evening delivery, delivered by Stuart’s Hub to Home service using 100% electric vehicles, via their West London hub between 7pm and 10pm each day. Moreover, in order to ensure that testing requirements are met, and end customers receive their test results as quickly as possible, customers can book a collection service, to allow for their PCR samples to be collected by Stuart’s 100% electric fleet and delivered for analysis to Prenetics’ labs. There are three daily same-day collection windows, allowing customers to have the most convenient experience. 

Customers are able to get their PCR results from Prenetics within 24 hours, saving much time and frustration, as waiting times are usually several days with other test-at-home services. Although the service has only been live for 8 weeks, in the past two weeks we have seen volumes of delivered packages double! Brendan Hamill, Stuart’s UK General Manager, said:

Even with the easing of Covid restrictions at the end of February, people in workplaces, schools and in many areas of life will need to keep on top of their testing, and so Stuart’s partnership with Prenetics’ reliable and convenient testing service will make it as quick and painless as possible, to make sure we stay safe.

Live tracking, at the click of a button

93% of customers reported that they want to stay informed and receive proactive updates from retailers about their deliveries. With our Hub to Home service, not only is the end-customer constantly informed via live tracking and text updates, the business also has access to the live tracking dashboard.

The end-customer is notified at multiple points where their parcel is via text message or email. The first message provides the end-customers with a three hour delivery window. It can be rescheduled by the customer to fit into any of our three time slots: morning, afternoon or evening. The second message is a simple confirmation stating the much more precise 1-hour delivery window. The third and final message notifies the recipient that their courier is on its way, along with a link that allows for real-time tracking. All SMS texts can be customised by the retailer, making the customer journey truly seamless!

Amy Well, Prenetics VP eCommerce, said:

Fast and certain delivery is important for both covid tests and upcoming at-home diagnostics. We are pleased to grow the partnership with Stuart so that everyone can access the health results they need, exactly when they need it.

Delivery for a sustainable world

Stuart’s Hub to Home service prides itself on its completely green credentials, from the way the hub operates all the way to the deliveries being conducted in 100% electric vehicles. This is a truly unique service, which satisfies the growing consumer demand for companies adopting sustainable processes. 

73% of consumers expect delivery companies to operate in an environmentally sustainable way, with 46% stating they prefer to shop from online stores with better climate credentials. The partnership with Prenetics allows for end-customers to ensure their own health and safety, whilst doing so in a 100% green way. 

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